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We have created this health web-site, because it is time to help people. This site was created to show the way to live healthy, live happy, live long. It can be done without drugs, diets or exercise. This can also be done by allowing us to teach you how.

The New Beginning on Healthiness
Shaping the mind, body, and spirit

The future for all to be healthy is here, whether you are barren or have been unfruitful bearing children. There is no limitation on being healthy. The time has come for us to move completely away from ancient methods of consumption and external application. What we have not noticed or have not been paying attention to is this: there are millions of men and women all over the world who are unable to be procreators. Regardless of moving ahead of other civilizations being more modern with technology, ancient unhealthy practices still remain with humanity in this epoch, where men and women who are not fruitful are unable to get help. Now it is a thing of the past; they will be able to live a normal life being procreators as they please. Many might not want to have so many kids once they start to have their families.

In the video T1 Series, it speaks about the One Only Health Care that is impartial. I would like for the people of the world to know this is the only true healthy teaching throughout the world that has the knowledge to help all to be healthy. The possibility is: there are millions of women and men who are not fruitful in bearing children, who would like very much to have their own instead of adopting. With this new found way for all to be healthy, these men and women were not left out. This is what all need to do: learn to relax, and be positive because genuine help is here for the first time, and there is nothing one needs to consume or apply orally.

Itís a new beginning; we are not here just selling books. We are here with love and concern for all. This is not like other sources where you purchase a book, and you are on you own. We do not want you to purchase this book and think we do not want to be involved with you anymore. We are looking forward to you leaving us the means to keep in contact with you because we want you to be healthy. This was given to us to teach people to be healthy; the books are only the beginning, and the best is yet to come! We are not here to take your money. The truth is: we are here to help you to live happy, live healthily and live long with fewer health enigmas.

By Earl Harris

To live healthily, it is done by the power of your body.

To get the understanding on how your body works, the book NEW RULES FOR HEALTHY LIVING, will help you to remove the conflicting teachings on what constitute being healthy.

When you have the full knowledge that it is your body working for you and not you working for your body, you will be pleased knowing that oral consumptions and the usage of external medication will no longer be necessary anymore.

Taking care of the familyís health will be easy when you understand what the human body requires to keep itself healthy. There will be no more need to strive to impact our bodies with medicine or exercise.

What is good with this method?

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